6th Annual Field Day, May 24th

Each grade level will come out to our field during assigned times and spend some time burning off that spring fever energy and participating in some good old fashioned relays and a few wacky ones. We will have 6-8 stations and 45 minutes to play. We will rotate every 5-6 minutes. The whole class will stay together and rotate together with the volunteers from that class.  Shifts are one hour and we are looking for 2 volunteers per class to help keep the games organized and moving smoothly. Since 5th grade is up first, we are asking volunteers to come a little early (8:30) to help with set-up.  And then for our last group of the day, 1st grade, to stay a little after the event to help clean up.  There is a little overlap in volunteers to come check out how the games are played and then to do any prep work for your child’s class to come out and play. Thanks in advance for your help!