International Walk & Roll to School Day

The students, parents, and teachers at Dublin Elementary will celebrate International Walk and Roll to School Day on Wednesday, October 2nd. This is a great opportunity to celebrate our health, the environment, and our school spirit. With the suggestions below, we’re hoping every student will participate. Click here for a map of safe routes to school:

What’s going on?
Lots of walking and rolling! Walk, bike or carpool with your family, neighbors, and friends. We’ll have giveaways for kids, a school-wide mode chart to see how we get to school, and live music! We might even catch a sighting of Sharky.

If you live nearby:
Walk with or bike with your child on your own schedule or within a group.

If you live farther away:
– Bike with your child on their own bike.
– Take the bus with your child and walk from the bus stop.
– Carpool with another family. Spare the environment and some hassle for yourself: connect with other families who live in your neighborhood.
– Park and walk — Park at Shannon park or a few blocks away and walk to school.