PFC Secretary Needed

Duties include:

  • Certify and maintain an original or copy of PFC Bylaws as amended
  • Keep minutes of all general and executive meetings of the members and Board
  • See that all notices are duly given in accordance with the Bylaws and distribute minutes of meeting to the Board two weeks prior to the next meeting and post the approved minutes on the Corporate website within one week of approval
  • Be custodian of the records of the Corporation;
  • In the absence of both the President and the Director of Volunteers from a meeting, call the meeting to order and appoint a temporary chairperson
  • Be responsible for all correspondence at the direction of the President.

This position is critical for the continued success of the PFC moving forward into the next school year.  Not only does this position allow us to continue to fund the school and host events, but it is a requirement for the ongoing functionality of the PFC!

The board thanks you for consideration!

Statement of Intent Letters can be submitted to