About PFC

We are a non-profit organization that expects to raise more than $100,000 this year. Dublin Elementary PFC helps to fund programs and provide supplies that the school could not otherwise afford. All money raised supports our computer programs and provides technology, curriculum enhancement, classroom enrichment, playground equipment, capital improvements such as landscaping, enrichment and reading assistance programs, and much more.

PFC Mission

To support high academic standards and a positive learning environment at our school through educational and social programs, parent outreach, and community involvement.

PFC Vision

To make every child’s potential a reality by:

  • Helping to provide a strong educational and learning environment for students
  • Maintaining a strong membership and good relationships with teachers and each other through effective communication, planning, documentation, and training
  • Having visibility and a voice in the community
  • Maintaining a healthy bank account through planning and the financial/strategic flexibility to adjust to outside factors
  • We rely on dedicated volunteers and always need new members to contribute ideas and help plan and put on events! We encourage you to attend at least one of our meetings or ask any board member for information on current events where we always need extra volunteers!

We strongly encourage you to register for our weekly Shark E-blast to stay in touch with what’s happening around our campus. It will keep you up to date on upcoming events and important news throughout the year. Simply email us at dublinpfc@gmail.com and ask to be registered.