Author: Holly Nakamoto-Yep

May 2-6 is Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week!!!

We have a dedicated day to show our Teachers & Staff how much we appreciate them!  Monday, May 2: Give your Teacher a hug or a high five! Tuesday, May 3: Bring your Teacher a plant or flowers! Wednesday, May 4: Bring something sweet for your Teacher! Thursday, May 5: Book dedication day – Donate a new, gently used book to the class or make your own book! Friday, May 6: Shower your Teacher with

Come Join Us!!!

Our Monthly PFC Meeting by Video Conference is Wednesday, April 20 at 6p! Please COME JOIN US! We love to see new faces. We will be talking about the Spring Carnival/Multicultural Fair, Talent Show, and other upcoming events! We also have several Board positions available for next year. So please come join us and see how you can get involved!!!! THE BEST PART? We are still meeting by video – so you don’t have to

The Crayon Initiative

Ever wonder where your discarded crayons end up? Every year MILLIONS of pounds of crayons are thrown out in landfills. What if we could save some of those crayons, and provide a second chance, a cleaner environment and a bit of INSPIRATION to those who could really use it? WE CAN!  Through a project called the Crayon Initiative, we can gather all those unwanted, broken, and used crayons; RECYCLE them by melting them down to

The PFC Board has openings!!!

DEADLINE FOR BALLOT STATEMENT SUBMITSSIONS IS APRIL 20, 2022. VOTING WILL OCCUR THROUGH MAY, WITH POSITION CONFIRMATIONS BY MAY 11, 2022. For information on the President position: For information on the Director of Events position: For information on the Secretary position: For information on the Director of Finance position: For information on the Co-Director of Communications position: The PFC is accepting ballot statement submissions of no more than 10 sentences