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News and Events for Dublin Elementary School, Dublin, CA

Wells Middle School

Rising 6th graders headed to Wells Middle School in the Fall…  If you haven’t signed up to receive the weekly Wells Middle school PFC newsletter, you can signup at Please check out the Wells PFC Facebook page:

Open Board Positions – Director of Events

If you’ve enjoyed the events and support the Parent-Faculty Club provides to the students, staff/teachers, and school community here is your chance to get involved!!! We are still looking to fill the following positions: PFC Director of Events needed for 2023-2025! You can do it alone, or if you know someone you could partner with you can work as a team!!  To submit a Interest Statement please click here to email [email protected]. • Delegate and coordinate

PFC Director of Events needed for 2022-2024

Please click HERE to submit nominations to via the PFC Board Nominations Form. Director of Events Oversee all PFC sponsored community programs.   Identify a qualified event Manager for each event. If a volunteer manager is not found, the event will be canceled. Act as liaison between the Board and the volunteers to ensure that each event manager knows their budget, is aware of the proper communication methods that are available to them (as well as